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You have unique needs when it comes measuring marketing success.

Video advertising has become a powerful channel for C2B & B2B marketing to capture the attention of audiences online and build brand awareness. Budgets continue to shift away from television and print ads towards online video advertising because it offers more precise targeting and analytics, but some businesses and marketers struggle to find quality online video sites that will reach their relevant audiences online.
With AutoMouth we’re able to  get your brand and message  in front of highly targeted  user base early and often.  The end result has been  full online awareness, increase in  performance and overall  ROI.”
AutoMouth provides access to precise C2B audiences with larger top quality display ads and comprehensive listing info. All included on one Platform. Build your B2B Brand Online with Video Targeting through AutoMouth Platinum ads.

What if you could deliver your video ads directly to the consumer or business audiences you care about most, while reaching more of them online in brand safe environments?

Powered by AutoMouth our audience of millions of consumers around the world view your Display Listing, And Video Targeting through Automouth enables C2B & B2B to view the target video ads to precise business audiences online

Measure Success According to Your C2B & B2B Marketing Objectives

B2C companies have unique needs when it comes measuring the impact of their marketing programs. When it comes to online Platinum package with video advertising, we can provide metrics such as click-through rate and play-through completion rate.

AutoMouth looks beyond these metrics acutely aligning with the brand-building objectives of video targeting. Using Video Targeting through AutoMouth we can measure the impact of their online video ads using metrics such as:

We can define business demographic criteria and report mnay variables.

• Assisting with targeted Impressions

– Total number of video ads served (or

displayed) to a defined target audience

– Your brand’s exposure to a specific consumer and business audience relative to the total available audience

• Target Website Traffic Lift

– Increase in website traffic from specific target


• Brand Recall

– Percentage increase in your target audience’s familiarity and

understanding of your brand and product

• Awareness Impact

– Total number of new professionals that would be

aware of your brand as a result of video targeting.

Reach the exact audiences that matters.